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Managing Arduino Libraries

Pradeep Singh | 18th Nov 2017


While working with sample sketches, sometimes you may face issues with the missing libraries and encounter the errors similar to the one shown in the following screenshot. Most of the times it’s not that difficult to fix these errors, all you need to do is pay a little attention to the details in the code and the error messages.

For Ex – in the following screenshot you can see the error message that says “DallasTemperature.h” is missing, and in the code/sketch the same file is being included on top of the screen. So, to fix this issue, you need to download this file.


To download missing Arduino libraries, you can navigate to the following menu path as shown in the screenshot –

Sketch –> Include Library –> Manage Libraries


This will open a Library Manager window. From this window, you can search and Install the Library or missing module on your Arduino IDE –


Once all the packages from the missing Library are installed on your Arduino IDE; you should be able to successfully burn your sketch on your Arduino module –



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